Size isn’t everything. In fact, just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you need to think small. There are many ways to transform a small office space into an inspiring, inviting and healthy space for your team. Here’s our top 5 tips to get you started.

Let the light in

Natural light is the gold standard in office design – it boosts creativity, productivity and energy. To keep your office bright and inviting we recommend:

  • Designing desks around windows, letting your employees take in the views and sunlight
  • Using overhead lighting, to eliminate shadows and create the illusion of more space

Smart storage matters

Custom built shelving, that fits your office perfectly, are fundamental in maximising space and storage. A storage solution we regularly use are low-level partitions, which can double as storage units with sleek hidden drawers, without feeling closed in.

Other creative storage ideas can include lockers with graphics on the front, floating shelves, vertical filing cabinets, or even moving all your paper files to a digital storage solution.

Tone it down with a neutral colour palette

An easy way to create the illusion of more space is by using a light colour palate, including an abundance of neutrals. While colours have the power to create a mood, darker colours in smaller spaces can make a space feel cramped, while light colours can make a space feel larger and brighter.

Another office trend that can help make a space feel larger and more inviting is the use of greenery. Planter boxes mounted above storage invite the outside in, add character, and importantly, can boost productivity and cognitive attention, while helping to keep the air clean.

Think about furniture solutions

It’s stating the obvious, but you’ll want to avoid big and bulky furniture. Instead choose furniture that helps you maximise space and create an inviting and comfortable environment.

As part of our office fit out design services Vestra also supply bespoke furniture solutions. We know all the best supplies and can make recommendations based on your individual project, needs and budget.

Clear the clutter

Before you embark on a fresh office fit out, it’s a great idea to do a big cull of your office files and paperwork – you’ll be surprised to find what you’ve got stashed away in cupboards and what you no longer need. Planning your office fit out is a smoother process when you’ve cleared the decks. It’s easier to see how much space you really need and to build a space to meet those needs.

You can take this a step further by encouraging your employees to regularly declutter their desks and adopt paperless and digital technology. A clear space not only helps to keep your office environment spacious, but it can boost productivity and creativity too.

We also suggest limiting the amount of “stuff” that comes into your new office space. One way to do that is to ask employees to only bring in one small box of items into the new office.

Bonus tip: Choose a small-mid size office fit out specialist

Vestra started because we recognised a deficiency in the market – nobody was focused on providing mid-sized Sydney organisations (5–50 staff) with high-end, impeccable workspace creation service they needed. At Vestra we’re experts in transforming vacant spaces in and around Sydney’s CBD into beautiful, bespoke, high-end commercial office spaces.